Nyheter 26 augusti, 2020

Five hyped design trends in 2020

The dawn of a new decade saw movements in digital design that can possibly define this generation in UI/UX.

The following are MI’s take on the hyped design trends in 2020:




1.  3D takes mobile and desktop by storm 


We were all impressed with Jurassic Park and The Abyss on the big screen a few decades ago and now 3D graphics are pretty much ubiquitous since then — in movies, video games, TV/Online ads etc. Now it’s available in the palm of our hands (and our desktops).


However, it takes  specific skills and a ton of man hours. Rendering alone requires a lot of time before you can see tangible results! BUT it can produce successful outcomes in terms of consumer engagement.

Credits:  The Ring by Mihn Pham

2. NEUMORPHISM makes a comeback 


What used to be called Skeuomorphism is now called Neumorphism and is making a comeback lately with a bit of a tweak. There is a lot less texture now and it’s a bit more minimal in this present incarnation.


You know it’s popular when you see it in platforms like Dribble, Behance, and even in stock libraries like Shutterstock, iStock, Getty images, etc.

Credits:  Neumorphic UI Kit by Samson Vowles https://dribbble.com/shots/10491079-Neumorphic-UI-Kit

3. A moving narrative: ANIMATED STORYTELLING 


The evolution of animated storytelling has been very impressive over the last few years and its impact to the overall experience has become more and more prominent in digital products.


Animated Storytelling can be a great experience and a great tool to convey a brand’s message, help to evoke emotions and creates a positive relationship between the brand and its audience. It is here to stay and will still evolve more.

Credits:  Stunning_ Animation by  Tran Mau Tri Tam https://dribbble.com/shots/12318706-Stunning-Animation



In UI/UX design sometimes even subtle changes can create a huge impact. Microinteractions are the perfect proof that attention to details will greatly improve the overall experience of a digital product and take it to another level.


Microinteractions exist pretty much in every single app or website nowadays. The “Like” feature is a perfect example.

Credits:  Fluid Tab Bar Interaction by  Oleg Frolov https://dribbble.com/shots/4800174-Fluid-Tab-Bar-Interaction

5. Perfectly imperfect: ASYMMETRICAL LAYOUTS


This trend started on print and is now very popular in digital product design. This design style breaks from the mould of templated layouts –  leaving a lot more room for creativity.


Asymmetrical layouts are not just random placement of images and copy. It does follow a grid system and  eye-path appreciation.  It takes some practice to develop this style and appreciation of design fundamentals.

Credits:  Website layouts by Hrvoje Grubisic https://dribbble.com/shots/4800174-Fluid-Tab-Bar-Interaction