Nyheter 25 februari, 2021

Your Starting Five for your Mobile App Development Dream Team

Like a basketball team, a mobile development app team should work as a cohesive unit and work together towards a common goal. For the former, win the game, the latter to roll-out a good digital product.

The analogy may seem off tangent at first because one is a group of jocks and the other is a herd of nerds creating tech products. But by dissecting members of each group, it will reveal that these two teams are more alike than they appear to be in terms of required personnel for their respective teams.


1. Your Point Guard – The Project Manager
Often called the court general or the coach while the ball is in play, the point guard is expected to run the team’s offense by controlling the ball and making sure that it gets to the right player at the right time.


A mobile app development team’s project manager is no different. The PM unites multiple tasks under one term, which also captures the position’s main function: leading the entire project to the vision of an ideal mobile app.


Both Point Guard and Project Manager is required to have these required skills:


  • Must have solid technical fundamentals
  • Have a good understanding of each teammates’ roles
  • They should be inspirational, a good manager and high leadership qualities
  • They must be good at multitasking.


2. Your Shooting Guard – The Designer
When you think of Michael Jordan, you think basketball’s greatest of all time (GOAT). But he is also the most creative baller in history bar none. This trait is also shared by shooting guard greats like Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson, Dwayne Wade, to name a few. Fans pay to see the artistry of their on-court performances.


That is the same value that the UI/UX designer brings to the table: they deliver the spectacle and the experience. The designers work on the look and feel of the app, replicating identical designs for specific platforms or creating a stand-alone one for hybrid apps.


The must-haves for both Shooting Guard and Designers:


  • They should be a good strategist (playmaking or app-making)
  • Should have a great navigation planning skills (on-court or in-apps)
  • Can visualize quickly (designed plays or app screens)


3. Your Center – The Developer
The center and the developer, stands the tallest for both teams. On offense (sometimes referred to as the front-end of a basketball court),, the center tries to score on close shots and rebound. But on defense (sometimes referred to as the back-end of a basketball court), the center tries to block opponents’ shots and rebound their misses. A lot of teams were built around a really good center.


The developers aren’t too far off from their athletic counterparts. They cover back-end and front-end concerns of the app and their presence are required from the get-go to delivery. Hence, they are the central part of the project cycle.


Traits common to both basketball center and app developer:

  • They should be agile on both ends (basketball court or app development process)
  • They should have the insatiable drive to deliver (the winning basket or the award-winning app)


4. Your Point Forward – The Quality Assurance specialist
Easily the most versatile player on the floor is the point-forward. They facilitate the right plays to be executed and meticulously place teammates where they should be. They have the coach’s playbook committed to memory and without this playmaker, the team will be in shambles.


QA specialists are not different. They know best practices playbook by heart and are the first and the most critical audience of the end product. As they test a mobile app, they have the right to decide when the project is ready to be presented to the customer or delivered to the market.


What are their shared attributes:

  • It would help that they have a slight (or full-on) obsessive compulsive disorder
  • They should be smart and have a wide technical knowledge
  • Should have the patience to test, and then test some more (in basketball practice or pre-launch of an app)


5. Your Power Forward – Sales and Marketing specialist
In today’s modern game, the power forward should deliver on both ends of the floor and must be able to have the skills of a guard and the strength of a center. They provide support and screens for teammates to score. They are often the most vocal player (think Charles Barkley, Draymond Green, Karl Malone – these guys are not exactly the shy types) on court.


In tech context, they are the power forwards of an app development team. The efforts of delivering a digital product would be almost for nothing if not for the efforts of the sales and marketing team. Communicating with customers, working on a product brand and creating advertising materials, sales and marketing experts turn the product into profit and consolidate success of a large teamwork.


What is expected of them:

  • Great communication skills
  • Type A personality
  • An endless supply of energy


We may not have assembled Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and his Airness but at MI we have a dream team of our own. Explore our portfolio, browse through the pages of our site, give us a ring, and collaborate with us. Who knows, one of these fine mornings, we can build a championship-caliber team together and deliver a winning app for your company.