Project Managers

These heros manage our mobile projects by working tightly together with our production team to secure we deliver successful mobile first solutions that create the intended value for our clients:

General responsibilities in the role:

  • Take part in sales phase and compile project estimates
  • Plan and execute any workshop needed for scope of project and outcome
  • Responsible for deliveries according to deadline and budget (internal and external)
  • Secure that all project team members follow the project process
  • Continuously evaluate and improve the project process and tools taking feedback from retrospects, surveys, etc into consideration
  • Manage idle-time and non-allocated resources with other relevant roles ( management, Lead developers).
  • Synchronize own planning and actions with other PMs and sales reps
  • Plan to close projects efficiently and free up resources to other projects.
  • Take ownership and act on feedback from retrospects
  • Consider both employee and client happiness

Responsibilities in ongoing projects:

  • Plan delivery of projects incl. allocation of resources, milestones, releases etc…
  • Act as proxy between the client and the production team for production related questions
  • Own the project backlog
  • Plan and actively lead project meetings (internal and external) incl. standups, sprint planning meeting, demos, retrospectives etc or clearly delegate the chair responsibility for a particular meeting to someone else (all meetings must have a owner)
  • Follow up progress and delivery on 1) task level, 2) individual level and 3) project level; and provide feedback and communicate as needed to secure that everyone is doing the right things with the right timing.
  • Identify and resolve blockers as soon as possible, especially towards project end.
  • Follow up and quality assure delivery (act as QA)
  • Celebrate delivery of project including eventual milestones

After delivery:

  • Plan and host retrospective including client
  • Start-up support & maintenance processes if applicable after project delivery
  • Continuous dialogue and follow up with clients after delivered projects
  • Identify possible improvements and additional business-opportunities


  • Allocation of time in projects per resource
  • Approval of vacation requests according to swedish labour law (align with HR if needed)

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