Nyheter 13 januari, 2021

Mobile accessibility: WCAG principles and how it improves UX (Part 4)

Making digital products robust enough that it can be interpreted reliably by a wide variety of user agents, including assistive technologies. This last of the four principles, when executed according to WCAG standards ensures ease in navigation and can reach a wider audience.

Principle 4: Robust


Set the virtual keyboard to the type of data entry required

Customise keyboard in the device settings and additional custom keyboards can be installed. Take advantage of devices offering different virtual keyboards depending on the type of data entry. This can be set by the user or can be set to a specific keyboard to help prevent errors and ensures formats are correct to avoid confusion

Provide easy methods for data entry

Save time and avoid complexity by lessening the amount of entry required by creating menus, radio buttons, tick boxes or pre-filled information.

Support the characteristic properties of the platform

Leverage mobile device features and platform functions like: zoom, larger fonts, and captions to help users with physical limitations interact better with the content.