Nyheter 16 februari, 2023

Inspelning: Building and maintaining SDK…🔥

Missade du vårt senaste webinar med gruppen: Apputveckling Sverige? Inga problem här kan du se hela inspelningen från eventet: Building and maintaining SDK at Scale tillsammans med Filipe från Svea. 👇🏻

Here is some more information about the webinar:
During this webinar we focus on what we learnt while developing our payment SDK – Svea Wallet.

We are covering how it differs from UI-based app development by putting a higher priority on discoverability, scalability, performance and documentation, enabling us to establish and reinforce trust with our partners as well as within Svea Bank organization.

And we discuss the importance of semantic versioning and how it can help teams move forward and introduce changes in their product through deprecation with migration strategies of the SDK, the pain points and advantages of maintaining several major versions, as well as the shift needed to understand the needs of other developers and developer satisfaction.

More information about the speaker Filipe Pires.  From Portugal, moved to Sweden about 7 years ago.
I’m a tech lead at Svea Bank, helping our app development team achieving their goals, providing technical guidance and mentorship as well as being an active asset into bringing our scalable apps to market.

I’ve been developing apps for more than 10 years, focusing primarily on Android development and I’ve an interest for software architecture and test driven approaches”