Nyheter 22 juni, 2021

Få mer exponering i AppStore med nya in-app events section

På årets utvecklarkonferens WWDC introducerade Apple in-app events i App Store. Denna nya funktion möjliggör att apputvecklare kan marknadsföra pågående event i App Store.

In-app events can, for example, be a new competition in your game, or a new web series in your streaming app, or a new tournament in your score tracking app. The function will be available this autumn. Current events will be displayed in several places in the App Store, for example ”your app page”, under the section ”Today” in the App Store and in the section ”Apps” / ”Games” in the App Store.

When the user sees the event, there are options to open the app, install the app or even add notifications (push) to be announced when the event begins. The developers will be able to control where they send the user, to which specific page in the app, to create the best experience.

All events are configured via App Store Connect. The app developers can decide the start and end of the event. Each app can have a maximum of five published events simultaneously.

Apple has also created analytics tools where developers can see the number of views, app openings, app downloads and number of messages activated with the AppStore events. All this can be automated with App Store Connect APIs that will be available later.

Prepare your deep linking apps to take full advantage of the new In-app event feature when it becomes available after the summer! Do you need help with app development? Let us help you!