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On-demand, local Innovation hub

Through Mobile Interaction, you get access to a team of experts, where all have extensive experience of mobile projects, to that extent you need . We are used to delivering everything from wireframes and prototypes to business-critical applications. We accelerate your organization’s digitization by building smart tools and implement AI which creates increased efficiency in your business.

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1. Workshop / Scoping

Getting off on a good start in a project is central to its success, and it starts with defining the goal in the right way. We work according to a thorough process where we use all of our experience and a number of tools, to secure all perspectives. Time, cost, quality – and features – are defined. The process is based on “Design Thinking” and ensures that you invest in the right idea and launch the best product for you and your audience.

  • The appearance and the users’ needs are defined
  • Ideation
  • Define Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Sketches and wireframing
  • Define budget

Workshop “Flow” – Basis for Go / no-Go decisions

Workshop “Wave” – Structured creative business development


2. Production of digital solution

To ensure the project’s goals, our development process is based on the Agile principles for product development and iterative adaptation. The development process is divided into sprints where each sprint must deliver a working prototype or a finished feature which is then demonstrated to the customer. The definition-of-done for each sprint includes an approved test and a completed retrospective to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Design the experience and the interface
  • iOS / Android / web / backend
  • Present and iterate prototype
  • Implementation and development
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Iteration, as needed
project management

3. Service Desk

As your development partner, we are with you all the way. We are there for you via our Service Desk, which creates security, reliability and fast measures when needed, for hassle-free operation of your App after launch.

  • Proactive maintenance of the application
  • Support
  • Bugfix
  • Further development


We can help you set up and maintain the operations environment for your App, whether it is in Google Cloud, AWS, Azure or on-prem!

  • Supervised operating environment for the application
  • Collective invoice from Mobile Interaction

Svea Wallet - trusted partner

As a trusted partner with Svea Ekonomi, we can offer our customers a cost-effective implementation of Svea Wallet. Svea Wallet is the shortcut to a secure a crisp in-app-payment where integration instead of redirect provides flow for the user. The solution offers merchants full control over their customer journey and all the ancillary services that a merchant needs.

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