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Tools for farmers

The Swedish Board of Agriculture


Tests to determine conditions in the soil structure

The Swedish Board of Agriculture is Sweden’s administrative authority in agriculture, fisheries and rural areas. Among other things, they work to develop food production in the country and to protect animals and plants.

The app Hur mår min jord? (“How is my soil?”) is a tool for farmers, agricultural advisors, and others in the green industries. It is used as an advisory and analysis tool, as well as in training such as farming or advisory courses and group meetings in the field, and similar contexts.

App functionality:

JBV test_infiltration2

The process

Mobile Interaction worked on the basis of an agile methodology with recurring demos and iterations in close dialogue with the customer. In the initial phase, a flow chart, wireframes and personas were designed to synchronize the project’s target image. This information together with the technical requirements specification was transformed into epics, stories and tasks that were planned for the project. The project was carried out in continuous dialogue with users who then performed user tests to ensure the function. Mobile Interaction currently manages the App.

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