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Self service stations

eBerry by Nordic Choice Hotels



  • Design


  • 2019


Using iPads at the receptions at Nordic Choice Hotels, guests have the opportunity to check in and out themselves, without having to wait for help from the staff. However, the existing solution had a number of deficiencies in the user flow which led to unsuccessful check-ins and other issues.

The aim of the project was to improve the user flow by identifying and eliminating problems for the guests through changing UX and UI in the service stations.

Our approach

Based on a user-centered design process, we identified, categorized and iterated around a variety of problems that users experienced. Mobile Interaction created several prototypes on user flows that were tested in the hotels, giving insight into which solutions worked best. Based on Nordic Choice Hotel’s design system, the requirements for new components and flows for the development department were designed in close collaboration with both developers and product owners.


With a number of both major and minor components and changes to the user flow, Mobile Interaction delivered a guest experience that is based on real feedback from guests and best practices within UX and UI. The new solution creates less frustration for hotel staff, but first and foremost a guest experience that is friction-free at check-in and check-out

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