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Note9 Experience Book

Cheil Nordic & Samsung



  • Andriod


  • 2018


At the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note9, Samsung wanted to create a shopping experience that invites consumers to test the product and, above all, its enhanced S Pen. The challenge of shopping experiences is to capture the consumer’s interest long enough to absorb the featured features.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 was first introduced in Samsung’s Experience Store on Kungsgatan 30 in Stockholm and then rolled out in 120 stores across Sweden. The solution needed to be easy to install, regardless of WiFi connection and present four new features connected to S Pen.


Our approach

We wanted to create an easy activation to best capture the attention of consumers. The store environment requires a robust solution that does not require connection or large efforts during installation or maintenance. We explored alternative solutions by developing fast Proof of Concepts.

The solution the customer chose uses small magnets built into the book’s pages. The phone’s compass recognizes which page the customer sees thanks to the smart placement of the magnets.

We developed a master app where each feature had its own app. To prevent the display from being used by others, we took advantage of Samsung’s Kiosk Mode.


The Experience is a book in which the cover embraces a Samsung Galaxy Note9 and each page presents a feature:

  • Notes – write down notes with S Pen, just like with a regular pen and paper
  • Coloring book – color a figure with S Pen, the colors are chosen from a palette
  • Translation – translate from foreign languages ​​by hovering with S pen over words and phrases
  • Selfie – take a selfie with Note9, the button on the S Pen is the shutter button

The solution was developed in about 3 weeks, from request to final product. We worked with a small team of Android developers to quickly find the solution

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