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Logistics Tool for ICA

ICA Sverige


Warehouse efficiency

ICA turned to Mobile Interaction to initiate a cutting edge project for increased efficiency in their existing warehouses. Mobile Interaction first ran a pre-study where UX experts and IT-architects analysed the requirements. After this initial phase ICA and Mobile Interaction initiated a truly agile project to realize an app that would handle all outgoing goods from ICAs all warehouses. 


"The tool shall guide the user to work according to SOP"

Already from the start the project team realized that the true value appears when it is easy for the employee to follow the established processes – Standard Operating Procedures. This principle has been a guiding principle throughout the project. ICA KUL-App is crucial for the very end of the process of putting orders to stores together making sure they arrive at the right retailer, with the right amount of produce and at the right time. 

The solution

The solution is built using ICAs backend systems as information holders, communicated through a new API gateway and presented in a user interface that is easy to work with. Android’s most modern concepts like Kotlin with dependency injection and modular architecture is the standard. The project has had very high involvement from the operational units at ICA warehouses where super users have been evaluating every sprint demo to assure business quality. The roll out to production started early on to confirm the quality level step by step in the real operational environment. With this high involvement from the end users from day one Mobile Interaction have been able to fine tune any feature and functionality to perfectly fit the needs of the warehouse operations and continuously release functionally; a truly successful agile project.


The solution is operational at 24/7, 365 days a year with roughly 800 users at ICA warehouses. With the prestanda and up-time delivered, the functional UI that materializes the quality processes and the modular architecture ICA now has a tool for the future, ready to easily accompany future feature requirements.

The app is supported and maintained by Mobile Interaction.

Data driven product development

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