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Drilling Simulator

Sandvik Drilling Simulator



  • iOS
  • Design

The challenge

Sandvik offers its customers training courses to increase the awareness of drill operators about how small adjustments in how to control the drill can have a major impact on productivity and longevity. Sandvik wanted to extend this training with a practical element and turned to Mobile Interaction.

Our approach

Mobile Interaction developed a concept together with Sandvik to introduce a practical element in the training.

Together with product specialists and engineers from Sandvik, we developed a model for how different parameters affect productivity and longevity in different rocks. All to mimic real life conditions.


The Solution

We developed a drill simulator for iPad – Drilling Simulator.

During the training, all participants have their own iPad and the teacher distributes scenarios. After completed virtual drilling, the result can be sent back to the leader.

Replay and feedback
The manager can choose to go through a scenario to demonstrate what the user could have done differently to avoid unnecessary wear or increase productivity.

External controls
To simulate the console that the drill operator encounters in a real rig, Mobile Interaction developed external controls that are connected to the simulator via Bluetooth.

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