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  • Webb
  • Design
  • React Native


  • 2018


Bonnier’s Traffic School has long been the most popular service for learning the theoretical sections in driver’s education.

When Bonnier wanted to modernize the service from DVD / Flash to app and web with new design and new payment models, they turned to Mobile Interaction.

Our approach

An important part of modernization was the lift in design for graphic content and elements. The user experience would be adapted for app format, i.e. standing small screen.

The traffic school has a lot of content – animations, images, voice, text – presented in several different forms – theory sections, exercises, knowledge tests – which places high demands on our design skills and how to handle the transitions between content.

The payment services partner could not offer the flexibility Bonnier wanted, so we needed to define new models on top of the existing range in order to take full responsibility of the delivery.


The team of designer, developers and project management saw to that the design lift was carried out consistently and the user experience was adapted for app formats as well as web / PC based on a common code base. On top of that we built a flexible CMS with good response time all to create a fast user experience.

For payment, we created several models – one-time, subscription, coupons – using a popular payment service.

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