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Gain more user traction with AppStore’s new in-app events section

22 June, 2021

This WWDC, Apple introduced in-app events in the App Store. This will let app developers showcase their ongoing events in the App Store. Events can be a new competition in your game, or a new web series in your streaming app, or a new tournament that is covered by your score tracking app, etc. The feature will be available from this fall. The events will be visible in multiple places in the App Store such as your app page, the “Today” section of the App Store, and “Apps” / “Games” section of the App Store. 

In the event card, there will be options to open the app, install the app or even add notifications to be notified when the event begins. It will be possible to redirect to specific pages in the app, when the user taps specific events. 

All this is configurable via App Store Connect. The app developers can decide the start and end of events and can have a maximum of five published events at any point of time.

This feature also has analytics where the developers can see the number of impressions, app openings, app downloads, number of notifications activated using the AppStore events. All this can be automated with the App Store Connect APIs available later.

Get your apps ready with deep link support to make the full use of the feature when it’s out in fall! Need some help with app development? Hire us!

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