Nyheter 23 oktober, 2023

Adopting SwiftUI at Tradera

Last week, on October 17th, MI sponsored a webinar titled "Adopting SwiftUI at Tradera" for Apputveckling Sverige. In this engaging session, Gustaf Rosenblad conducted a thorough exploration of Tradera's evolution, transitioning from its iOS app, which was exclusively built using UI Kit, to making SwiftUI the cornerstone for all future developments. Marcus provided color commentary and facilitated the Q&A session.

The journey from Tradera’s iOS app being solely written in UI Kit to adopting and making Swift UI the standard for all future development –Gustav Rosenblad, a Senior Software Engineer and & Engineering Manager for Tradera, will discuss  challenges and solutions along the way.

Gustaf Rosenblad works as an engineering manager for the apps at Tradera. He has been developing almost his entire life, starting from early childhood. He is a third-generation programmer in my family. Apple’s platform is closest to his heart – especially Swift, and most recently SwiftUI.

Every week Tradera is visited more than 6 million times and every three seconds items change hands. For over twenty years, Tradera has worked with circular shopping, and it has never been more relevant than it is today. In a time when new things and clothes are becoming both cheaper and more easily available, our role to stand for better sustainable shopping is more important than ever. It costs nothing to try Tradera, a commission fee is only charged when you sell an item.

Watch the webinar here: